Parity check history file does not track the year

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unRAID OS Version:



Not sure about the 6.2 betas.



The parity check history file (/boot/config/parity-checks.log) uses a non-standard date format that does not include the year.  This makes it difficult to interpret the parity check history popup, especially once people have collected more than a year's worth of data.


How to reproduce:

Review the /boot/config/parity-checks.log file:


Nov  2 10:01:29|30688|130.4 MB/s|0
Dec  2 10:03:00|30779|130.0 MB/s|0
Dec 17 07:31:22|33588|119.1 MB/s|0
Jan  2 10:07:36|31054|128.8 MB/s|0
Feb  4 08:45:39|30901|129.5 MB/s|0


Or navigate to Main -> Array Operation -> History


Expected results:


I would expect to see the date/time stored in a standard format such as:

yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss


Actual results:


The date is stored and displayed without a year, so it is not really clear how to interpret the display.


Other information: 


This was initially reported here:

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