Input/Output errors following rebuild

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So I recently had a pretty big failure. Two drives died, and I had to rebuild my array, having lost a fair bit of data.


Now, the array is seemingly back to normal. All green lights, parity check run without error.


But there are still intermittent erros when using the array;


root@Tower:/mnt/user/MediaShare# mkdir TV

mkdir: cannot create directory `TV': Input/output error


The log is full of errors relating to md2:


Jun 14 20:40:40 Tower shfs/user: shfs_mkdir: mkdir: /mnt/disk2/MediaShare/TV (5) Input/output error (Errors)

Jun 14 20:40:40 Tower kernel: REISERFS warning (device md2): jdm-20001 reiserfs_xattr_get: Invalid magic for xattr (system.posix_acl_default) associated with [1953724787 1882090853 0x7869736f UNKNOWN] (Minor Issues)


Ive run reiserfsck --check /dev/md2 and it completed without error.


Not sure what to do next :(

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The bit in my original; post is the only activity at the time I see the problem.


That said, I think Ive fixed it. I created a new directory alongside the parent of the directory where I had the problem, and moved everything to it, then deleted the problematc one. And now it seems OK...

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