Issue while upgrading parity disk

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OK, so I had a share running low on space & picked up a new 3T disk.

Parity was currently 2T, so I replaced that with the 3T


While watching it rebuild parity, I noticed that disk 1, which happens to be right next to the parity disk in the server, started getting a ton of errors.


Figured I was going to have to replace it next, but didn't know what else to do.


Fast forward to the morning, & I happen to walk by the server in the basement, & notice that disk 1 has a red light, instead of green.

I also notice that it's sticking out about 1/8th inch. (in a 5 bay vertical disk cage)


I pull up the web interface, & take the array offline, then I pull the drive, & re-seat it correctly.

However, upon restarting the array,  it says the disk is unformatted now.


Any thoughts on what I ought to try next?  (was a full 750G disk that was going to be the next disk replaced when I got around to it)


(Still running V5 as I kept having issues with slow transfer rates on V6)

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