Broke my USB Drive [unraid 4.7]

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Hi All, my old USB drive which held my unraid OS has cracked as it was quite old and brittle.


I did a backup of the drive by just copying the contents of the USB drive over back in August 2015, I have replaced 1 or 2 drives since then (I have a screenshot for the order).


Is it possible for me to buy a new key and simply plug it in and reboot, or have I lost access to all my data?

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You can get a replacement from Limetech for free if they have a record of your purchase. Contact [email protected]


If you try to use the backup, you should delete the file config/super.dat since it is not current for your drive assignments. You will have to assign your drives from your screenshot.


Your data should be fine.


After you get everything working again, you really should upgrade. Nobody that can help you on the forum has seen that version of unRAID for several years.

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Thanks trurl, I gave this a quick try. While I was setting up the disks in the correct order it had a message telling me they would be erased when the array was brought online.


I am running through the process step by step again just to be sure I did nothing wrong, however any idea what might cause this?

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  • 2 years later...

Old thread, but i have a similar situation.   Server was in storage for several years while i was abroad.   Just fired it up but my USB has been damaged.   I have the pro.key file and one back up file ldlinux.sys.    I don't know which drive is the Parity.  The two biggest drives are both  3 gigs.   Think I'm running (was running 4.7).  It's been awhile,  it had Docker on it and a bunch of cool new stuff at the time . (maybe it was v5.0).

Thanks for any advice.   I'm off to look at old photos to see if i have a pic of the old setup.

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