SegaNas - Build Server

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OS: Unraid 6.2 Pro

CPU: Dual Xeon E5-2670 - SR0KX stepping

Motherboard: Asrock EP2C602

RAM: 32GB ECC buffered 1333 mhz quad rank

Case: nanoxia deep silence 5

Drive Capacity:  16x3.5  (5 hot plug 11 intern) (Motherboard only have 14 sata, I will need a HBA in the future), 1 have 5.25 bay empty so I can add a enclosure 6x2.5 if i want

Power Supply: EVGA SuperNova 850G2

Fans: 1 Rear, 2 cpu fan, 3 HDD fan


Parity Drive: 8TB Seagate Archive

Data Drives: 8TB seagate archive 2x2TB Seagate 4TB WD red 6TB WD Red 2x3TB WD Green

Cache Drive: 1TB Seagate (normal drive)

Array Capacity: 28TB

Services: Plex,Deluge,TVHeadend,Jenkins(automated video encoding to microHD after download),Rancher(Docker host clustering UI),(Test Purpose)Windows 2012 Server, Centos, RancherOS,

Windows 7(Rendering machine),crashplan,duplicati

Used for media center and cloud storage server and lab-server, I usually work with simulating clusters to test different cases so I need to create multiple VM.

And My GF need a lot of power to do 3d render.


I know the case it's not the best but I can't handle waste 300$ for a  case... and I had some problems find cheap cases with EEB form factor

this case can handle with the 5x3 enclosure 16 HDD, for me it's enough.

very very silent!!! it's difficult to know the server is turned on by ear.


very good performance, first days I was trying to have 2 VM gaming and work perfect! no errors


about power consumption I'm more or less over 100W in idle and 370W at full




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