lags in wireless usb mouse - win10 vm

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I'm using win10 VM that is passed thru nvidia GPU.

I also passed the logitech wireless usb dongle to that machina.

mouse is working mostly fine,

but sometimes it is very laggy.


when I move the mouse, the mouse pointer gets stuck in one place and after 1-2 seconds jumps straight to the next position.


what should/could I do in order to fix this?




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On 3/23/2017 at 5:55 PM, darianf said:

hi, try the recommendations from the cpu pinning sticky thread...

also try the tweaks plugin and reduce the cache values from the default ones (you could make them half if you have more than 16GB RAM on the host)






thanks for the reply and sorry for the delayed response.


I used the tweaks plugin and set the values as was suggested.


but I'm still getting the same behavior with that wireless mouse.


what else should I do?


the battery is full,

the usb dongle is 1meter from the mouse.


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Hi @amstel: Actually I have the same problem with my Logitech G603 (using the USB-dongle). The lag appears just in games which is really annoying. Did you fixed it?


As I know that this thread is very old, I appreciate if anyone else has a fix/ solution which worked for him/her :)

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