[6.3.2] shfs hardlink support bug

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shfs is not accurately displaying hard link information


When accessing a hardlink file through shfs it is showing up twice in ls/du/etc.


root@Tower:/mnt/user/Test# du -h
5.3G	./Dir1
5.3G	./Dir2
11G	.

root@Tower:/mnt/user/Test# ls -i Dir1/File1
142 Dir1/File1
root@Tower:/mnt/user/Test# ls -i Dir2/Hardlink 
562 Dir2/Hardlink

But if you go to the disk itself...


root@Tower:/mnt/disk1/Test# ls -i Dir1/File1 
102 Dir1/File1
root@Tower:/mnt/disk1/Test# ls -i Dir2/Hardlink 
102 Dir2/Hardlink

However df -h reports the disk space usage correctly.


Thank you!

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Right, nothing we can do about that one.  The inode number displayed via /mnt/user refers to FUSE node-id which is not a real inode.  It's a transient memory structure that exists for a short amount of time (or if NFS enabled, for the 'fuse_remember' time period specified in Settings/NFS).


Is this breaking some application?

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