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[solved] disk shares present for non-existent disks


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I've obviously messed up a critical bit of something somewhere. I figured I could solve this by manually editing a config file somewhere, but that has proven untrue so far.


Recently I consolidated data on a server by moving files from smaller drives to larger ones. I then removed the smaller drives from the server.


During the process I had three disk shares for Disk 7, Disk 8 and Disk 9. I now only have physical disks 1 through 6 in the server, but the disk shares for 7, 8 and 9 are still being exported.


How can I prevent the export of these disk shares?  The obvious of changing the SMB Security Settings -> Export to "No" doesn't stick after I hit the Apply button.


Running pro version 6.1.8 at the moment.

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I guarantee you are actually seeing user shares with those names, not really disk shares. Almost any folder in the root of the drive will be exported as a user share, even if it's named disk7, disk8, and disk9. Turn on the disk shares for your current physical disks, navigate to each of them in turn, when you find folders with diskX names, move the folders out of the diskX folder into the root of the same drive. When you are done cleaning out all the diskX folders, turn disk shares back off, and delete the empty user shares named diskX.

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Wow. First thank you for the reply, but this is truly a "why didn't I think of that?" moment :)


You're right, my disk 6 has those folders in its root. And they have subfolders and files, which is weird. Regardless, I now know how to fix it.



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