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Plex Phaze plugin to Docker migration


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I've been searching on this forum for guidance for migrating from the Phaze Plex plugin to the Plex supported docker implementation, but my head is about to explode with all the variations I've been seeing.


Is there one place to go to get guidance for making the transition without losing all of my Plex settings?


Also, I see reference to backing up the library. I hope this isn't referring to the media library as it is approximately 24TB!


Thanks for any help!




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Nope the backup is your database with your metadata and viewing/added history. Best bet would be go into your folder and copy it. It may be relatively large (maybe a 100GB) with that much media. So copy to a basic share on your array temporarily. I recommend using docker by linuxIO or the one built by plex. Both are fairly straightforward. Once you set them up there will be a location in your appdata folder with plex that you will move your database to and then start. It should remember everything otherwise you could always rebuild the database. Depends if you want to keep the history and indexing. 

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I did this exact migration myself and it was smooth. Backup the folder you have your Plex app in stalled in. I simply copied everything in what was for me //appdata/plex over to the array just in case. The copy will take a while since there are hundreds of thousands of small files that make up the meta data, but it's worth it for that piece of mind IMO. 


After that is complete, I took a screen shot of the settings page of the Phaze plugin and disabled it. Then went to the docker settings for Plex and just matched all my path and port settings exactly. There are a couple of extra mappings required in the docker if im not mistaken but im at work right now and can't look to see what they are. As long as you point to the right place for the app folder and set your media mappings correctly, you should be fine. I started the docker and everything was just there. The only cleanup I had to do was after it was running for a while I had duplicate server entries in PlexPy.  

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