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Trying to understand UnRAID BTRFS and XFS


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We want to be able to use UnRAID in a couple different scenarios.

1st scenario

Can we use UnRAID with BTRFS in a RAID 5 and then install Windows Server 2016 on top of that.  

2nd scenario

We are trying to understand BTRFS vs ZFS for a larger video edition studio:

This scenario does not need a Windows Server, just large file storage/access.
We are researching both BTRFS and ZFS.  Is it more so that BTRFS is more for small businesses and home use?
We have a video production company we are creating a server for. We want to go up to 150TB(maybe more later on) but probably starting with around 80TB.  We want to go with UnRAID but it is looking like ZFS is better for larger sized data systems, is this true?  We were told to use XFS for this scenario.  UnRAID uses XFS as well as BTRFS?
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