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Unraid 6: Help for setting up several Websites needed


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I want to replace my current native Webserver with an UnRaid installation.


On my webserver I have Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpmyadmin installed.

Then I have on my physical Network connection 2 IP-Adresses (same subnet, same vlan).


On the first IP I have running:

*) Several PHP-Websites with MySQL

*) OwnClound with Letsencrypt SSL Certificate on a public Domain


On the second IP I have running:

*) Another OwnCloud instance  with Letsencrypt SSL Certificate on a second public Domain


1) How can I get this working with UnRaid? Is this possible with Dockers or should I go for a VM?

2) Do I need still 2 IP-Adresses for the two OwnCloud (or NextCloud) instances to get SSL working with Letsencrypt on two different domains?

3) Do I install one Docker with MySQL and another Docker with PHP?




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