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[6.3.5] Crashed Server: Where to get logs


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I am running now my Unraid System since one week, yesterday, during watching a Movie via Emby Docker and Native Paths, I had a crash of the server (but I think it was not Emby related).


My System:

Unraid 6.3.5 on a HP ML10 Gen9 with 1x 3TB Parity, 1x 3TB Data, 1x 512GB SSD Cache

Dockers without seperate IP: Emby, PiHole, Unifi, Konquerer (default stopped) , JDownloader (default stopped)

Dockers with seperate IP: Apache, MariaDB, 2x LetsEncrypt, PiwiGo


I have 3 Users Scripts, which are executing small PHP Scripts to update some Databases every 5 Minutes.


After the Outage I tried the follwoing steps:

1) Connect via SSH --> not possible

2) Connect via VNC to Intel AMT --> not possible

3) Ping --> 99% lost, 1% with around 2Seconds RTT

4) Hard Reset of Server as I have no local Monitor and Keyboard connected --> Everything restored


How can I troubleshoot after a reboot what happened? Are there any logfiles, which are also available after a reboot?




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Today I had my second crash.


Unfortunatley I still have no monitor and Keyboard at the location where the server is running.


But I am one small step ahead. I dont think that the Load is high, or the Server is hanging. It seems that something is causing big traffic, but I am not sure what.


Why do I think it is traffic: Today I recongized that my Router is also not responding. No DHCP Service, no Ping, no VPN Connection.

I have a ZyWall USG 20W. The UnRaid is directly connected to the Zywall. The ZyWall has Gigabit-Interface but with all the features like Content-Filter and Anomaly Detection and Prevetion the throughbut is drastically reduced. With around 70 to Mbit the CPU is loaded and System is unresponsive.


I think that my ZyWall was unresonive and of course then I also cannot connect via Intel AMT.


I will do now two actions:


1) Disable ADP and Contentfilter for the time Being

2) Move the Unraid Server from the Router to a Switch


Anything else I could do? It would be still great to have some persistant logs from the Unraid, e.g. Traffic Analysis.




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I still have regular crashes with my HP ML10 Gen9 Server. Approx. every 5 to 8 days the server as well as AMT is not responding anymore. In the past I had also additional RAM installed and a Quad-Gigabit-Networkcard. I have removed those two parts but it is still happening.


Finally I was able to connect a Monitor and Keyboard to the Server and today, when the server crashed again, I was able to make a screenshot. Btw. There  is no input response from the keyboard.


Is this Screenshot helpfull? Could it be related to Unraid and or Hardware? 


I have an old HP MicroServer (N40L). Can I move the Unraid Installation to this server to check if then everything is working?







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I am still troublehsooting in my regular server crashes on my HPE ML10 Gen9.

I want to run some tests (memory,...) on the system and therefore I need to move my Unraid Installation to somewhere else.


I have still my old and working HP Microserver N40L available. Can I move the Flash-Disk, Cache-Disk, Parity and Datadisk just from one server to the other or do I need to follow a special guide?


Backup is available.




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