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so getting in touch with LE was the first step. I would like to see an option to create own certificates for own domains.

Lets Encrypt Docker is not suitable for people who don't want to expose their Unraid Machine to the mighty Interwebz but still want a proper Name.

Getting a Certificate with DNS Verification is on my unRAID Machine not possible right now. I have to create everything on my PC (or Mac) and then transfer it to the USB Stick.


Chances are high that I miss renewing the certificate in time is pretty low and so is the usability.


Would be awesome if future Unraid Versions support something like this.


But maybe it's just an edge case I need to learn how to build an unRAID docker/plugin...

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I would love to be able to do this too. Trying to get UNraid to work with a custom SSL cert is way more painful than it needs to be. nginx and letsencrypt are already built in there should be a button under remote management to add your own domain name and verify with DNS like Nginx Proxy Manager does so your cert will be auto-renewed by Let's Encrypt. 







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