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Active Directory users with their own web space

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I'm wondering if UnRaid can solve a challenege in my work life.. 


We have a number of students who need to be able to host HTML resources they produce, on public facing webspace. We use an active directory controller to handle their logins.


Do you think (with a combination of AD & Web server dockers / plugins) I would be able to achieve a fairly simple system where students (using AD credentials) log in to their own area (via browser or mapped drive), upload some HTML files and retrieve the URLs to deploy their resources to the wider world?

We currently use a Synology box for this (long story), and while it works, it does create some awkward URLs that have ~DS%5c in them. This is butchered by almost any email client or HTML editing package into an incorrect URL (%5c is code for "\") and it is causing us all sorts of headaches. 



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