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CRC error count increasing verrrry slowly


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Not so much need to worry with so low frequency of transfer errors. The error detection is quite robust and right now you might get a short transfer paus of maybe a tenth of a second every two months. If the number of errors are higher, then it's a reason to worry because with too many transfer errors the probability of a broken transfer not being caught will increase significantly when there is a high frequency of transfer errors. CRC can find 100% transfers errors when each transfer has a single, short, burst of incorrect bits. But with really bad cables, the burst length could sometimes be too long - or there could be two error bursts in the same transfer - and then CRC will not manage. So people who see the counters ticking up on a daily basis should most definitely care and correct the issue at the soonest.


You might have had a power surge resulting in one transfer being damaged and restarted.

Or possibly you have cross talk between two cables.

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