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2 red x: One HDD clicking, other new HDD disabled


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Need some advice and help please. This is my first major issue with Unraid. 


I might have screwed up my array. I swapped my parity drive recently from a 3 TB to a 6 TB. I removed a 2 TB that was running slow and replaced it with the old parity 3 TB.  I rebuilt the parity and everything was working fine for awhile.  I also added a new 5 TB drive to my array after. I didn't really have any content on the new 5 TB and it disconnected from my array as device disabled. I didn't really pay attention to it thinking about diagnosing it later. Now another 3 TB has failed so I have 2 red Xs. Unfortunately I rebooted, I think the 3 TB is having reading issues as I can hear it trying to start up and clicking. 

What should I do at this point? I don't believe the 5 TB has any new content I want to preserve but I'm really hoping I can salvage the rest of the data. 



2018-05-29 00_02_02-Tower_Main.png

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As you have more disks disabled than you have parity drives then unRAID will not be able to automatically recover data on the disabled drives.   Unfortunately even though you say the 5TB drive has nothing much in the way of useful information it is still part of the calculations used to derive the parity drive contents and thus the ability to recover another drive failing.    About all you can do is at this point is to reset up the array with the known good drives (whose data will remain intact), and then copy back any missing data from backups (if you have them).  


The SMART information for the 5TB drive looks OK so there is a good chance the disk itself is fine and it was disabled due to a write failing caused by an external factor (e.g. a cabling issue).   However this would need verifying.     The 3TB drive has no SMART information so that is a more ominous sign.


If the failed 3TB drive is not really dead then there might be a chance of getting something off it by mounting it as an Unassigned drive but a clicking sound from the drive and the fact the system cannot even see it is present makes it sound like this is unlikely to work.

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Thank you for the response. Ok, lesson learned. Shouldn't have left it off. I didn't fully understand the repercussions of a single parity drive.


I read through the documentation and from what I understand, shrinking the array would not help either since the parity would have to be rebuilt regardless if there are changes to the number of drives correct? 


So best chances for recovery of the data on the 3 tb is probably to take it to a data recovery specialist i'm assuming?



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