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[Unraid 6.4.1] Remove drive


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Hi all,


It seems like a simple question, but my situation is slightly different from the answers I searched for already. I started my Unraid array with an SSD as the only disk. I've got a separate Freenas box which I wanted to use for my storage, since I trust ZFS more than any other RAID solution. 


Now things have change slightly. I bought a simple harddisk which I want to use as main drive and have the SSD as a cache drive. So I want to remove the data from the SSD, remove it from the array and have the old data stored on the HDD. 


What is the best way to do this? My Docker containers are all referenced to the 'user' map, which data is stored on all the HDD's (I believe). So how do I clear my SSD so I can safely remove it and add it as an cache?


Thanks for helping me!



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Probably simplest would be to New Config with just the HDD then mount the SSD using Unassigned Devices, copy everything you want from it, then add it as cache and format it. The user shares are just the top level folders from all disks so if you copy the top level folders you will still have the user shares.

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