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Server migration tips


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I have a nice Micro-ITX server running Unraid 6, it has been going happy as anything for nearly 2 years. However, this is really my gaming rig (<3 PCIe passthrough) - and I have bought a Dell server to push all my Unraid stuff onto. 


My current setup:

2x3TB SATA drives

2x 256GB SSD sata drives (cache)

1xNVME drive (windows vm uses this via passthrough).


The server can take the SSD drives, and has some 2.5" 10k SAS drives for storage. 


What I want to do, is stop using the cache pool on my current machine, so that I can recover the SSD drives and move them onto the new server. Then I can have it up and running Unraid, then simply migrate my non-gaming VM's across. Is this possible in a sensible way?



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