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Burstcoin Mining on Unraid

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My question is essentially who's doing it and how.  Burstcoin is a cryptocurrency which uses hdd space rather than CPU/GPU/ASIC horsepower to "mine" coins.  If you've not heard of it you can read more here.  In my array I have 2 or 3 drives which at present have 0% usage which I'd like to use to plot for Burstcoin mining. 


At first I tried to just mine similar to the way I had been (several 8TB drives connected via USB to a laptop) by creating a windows VM and then trying to create vdisks that resided on each physical drive which I'd map to a drive letter in my VM and plot.  I had a few issues doing it this way however as a. Unraid didn't seem to like single files which grew larger than a single 8TB disk, and b. the plotfile size seemed to "grow" as I plotted it eventually exceeding the size of the vdisk and causing errors.


I then went searching for folks who'd Burstcoin mined on space on their unraid servers and found a couple references to dockers built specific for unraid.  In this case a plotter docker and a miner docker.  My Issue here is that the plotter docker uses mdcct which is an unoptimized plotter vs something newer like cg_obup.  I spun up a Debian VM and installed cg_obup, but now I'm back to trying to figure out how to best present a raw disk to my VM.


What I'm looking for is anyone who's trying to or has accomplished the same thing I am.  Whether you've figured out plotting or mining from a VM, any help or even another head to bounce ideas off of would be appreciated, TY!

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Although I have no idea on the mining it is worth pointing out that unRAID will never allow a vdisk to be bigger than the physical disk on which it resides.   With unRAID each physical disk is a discrete file system and an individual file always has to reside on a single disk, which is why no file can be bigger than the physical disk.

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