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New server setup, Internet problems, Pluggin problems.

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1.) I have fixed the Internet problem by assigning a static IP to the server from the router.



Hello, I have spent all weekend so far setting this up, from Friday midday until now, I have had many problems and have eventually overcome these with help to the forums and even a rapid reply from "Eric Schultz", My current problems are as detailed below.



System Specs.









1.) The Internet is running slow. I normally get 24mb [Solved]





I get a 503 error when trying to access Github.com via the Unraid server, but on my VM I can access it.



2.) Plugins install with the exception of Unassigned Devices, I get this error.





plugin: installing: https://github.com/dlandon/unassigned.devices/raw/master/unassigned.devices.plg
plugin: downloading https://github.com/dlandon/unassigned.devices/raw/master/unassigned.devices.plg
plugin: downloading: https://github.com/dlandon/unassigned.devices/raw/master/unassigned.devices.plg ... failed (Network failure)
plugin: wget: https://github.com/dlandon/unassigned.devices/raw/master/unassigned.devices.plg download failure (Network failure)







3.) GPU / Graphics Artifacts / Screen tearing.


This happens randomly, the same thing every time, can happen at startup (loading windows logo) then disappears once on the desktop loads (maybe drivers?)





and blank screen


When trying to remote hibernate the VM I get this 






I'm still in the process of installing all programs I use ect, so I haven't tried to play any games yet, ill report back when I'm done.



4.) Just played my first game now im all setup, Player Unknown Battleground, I was getting 120fps but there was stuttering, so I'll look into it and report back .

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