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HDD spin delay not consistent Version 6.5.3(solved)


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Noticed my HDD not spinning down when server not in use. Things i've tried:


Changing the settings > disk settings > default spin delay value  from value x to 15.

Drives spin down after delay. Then they spin up (remember - server not being used) and don't spin down again.

Changing individual HDD to spin down from default value - again - HDD spin down then spin up some time later and don't spin down.

Tried changing the settings again but with a reboot after

Manually spun down drives - they then spin up and no longer spin down again.


NB Disk 1, 2, 7 are empty hdd and should remain spun down for most of the time.


I've looked through the open files/file activity plugins - and they do not indicate why HDD 1,2,7 should be spun up


Attached are the diagnostics... Any help would be great






**************** EDIT


Removed the dynamix cache directories plugin and all drives spinning up/down as it should

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