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issues with Copying Files between Shares and one is the Cache


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Good Day,


I am fairly new to unraid and just got my first setup running.

Unraid 6.5.2

2 HDDs + 1 Parity and one Cache SSD


I installed binhex-krusader for some file movement and recognized a behavior I cannot understand. After adding the SSD as a Cache I wanted to move my Virtualmachines on it. Created a Share that is Cache only and moved the Files via Kursader of /mnt/user/folder1 to /mnt/user/folder2 and the files were moved instantly (1sec). The Files aren't actually copied to the Cache, they are still on the HDD.


Am I doing the movements the wrong way or use the wrong paths? Its kinda opaque to me that moving files to a cache only share, doesn't move the files in the cache.


Cheers Michael

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This problem occurs because Linux sees /mnt/user as a single mount point and so tries to move the files instead of copy from source to destination then delete from source.


There a number of ways you can do this, some can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. I usually do disk to disk moves for this sort of thing using Midnight Commander (mc at the command line). Never mix disks and user shares when moving or copying files.


Probably the simplest way to just take care of your present situation would be to set the folder2 share to cache-prefer and let mover take care of moving it to cache.

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