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Considering unRaid


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Looking for a relatively simple to use system (since I might not always be the person managing it) that allows for sensible updates to key software, and sane security etc...


For a couple of months of the year I help run a charity radio station, and the studio/transmission technology in particular.

We have ~ six weeks set up as a training studio, then 4 as a live studio.


FM licensing has become prohibitively expensive, so we are online only at the moment, and therefore have a couple of computers in the studio.


 - Windows 7, primarily running RadioDJ, but also running BUTT as an audio streamer pushing the stream to the other computer.  Complication is that is uses a pair of USB audio cards...

 - Linux, acting as a very strict firewall (I think I might even have disabled ip forwarding), as well as an ICECAST relay, audio recording server, NTP server and is the only box on the network with an internet connection - either via the house network when as a training studio or using an old Android phone plugged in via USB when on location.  This sets up a VPN to my server and ICECAST is sent across that tunnel.  This box also drives a second monitor with a clock, it'd be nice to have a twitter stream on there as well.


The linux box is currently an HP microserver G8 (IIRC), and I have added a passively cooled graphics card to provide HDMI and DVI output (the native gfx is VGA).


I'd like to consolidate the hardware - but don't want the windows box to have a sniff of the internet (it's a never connected box, with a singe piece of software that is ever used).


The obvious choices I see:

 - Run windows in a virtual box environment under linux.

USB passthrough and user friendliness issues, as well as capturing the mouse/keyboard within the VM

 - Run Linux in a virtual box environment under windows.

Networking issues and mouse.keyboard capture

 - Run them both (or Windows + docker containers for specific functions) under unRaid

I don't know enough about unRaid to know the issues this is likely to cause

 - HomeBrew KVM/Xen/ESXi solution

I don't like things that rely on me being around to fix them


Major question...

Given that I have no need for 3d acceleration - is it possible to split the GFX card between two VMs (obviously emulating it to both and running the actual screens in unRAID)?

That would allow me to use two digital gfx outputs rather than struggling to find a VGA monitor...






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