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Upgrading parity drive in Unraid 4.7


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I've reached capacity on my unraid server with 5x 2TB drives (4 data, 1 parity) and a 120GB cache drive. 


Today I purchased an 8TB WD External drive and "shucked" it for the internal WD80EMAZ "White Label" drive to upgrade the parity, and eventually the data drives.


I replaced the parity drive with the 8TB WD80EMAZ, confirmed that it is detected in bios(I am using Molex-to-Sata power adapter) and rebooted unraid.


I can go to "devices" page in unraid 4.7, and I'm able to select the WD80EMAZ as my parity drive, but when I go back to the main page the parity drive still shows "not installed".

As a test, I decided to try to assign it as my cache drive, with the same effect: "not installed"


Can anyone help me understand why unraid "sees" the 8tb drive and lets me assign it but wont recognize its assignment?


Does Unraid 4.7 not support 8tb drives? or is there something else I may be missing?


Thanks in advance!

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UnRaid 4.7 maxed out at 2T drives, so no way to upsize the drives in your server. You might be able to add another 2T data drive if you have available ports and slots.


But the upgrade to version 6.x is not difficult, and your drive size choices are much much better.

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