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Files getting locked to read only according to Windows


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Been running Unraid for almost 3 months. This issue started creeping up about 2 weeks ago. It is very inconsistent when it happens, but it happens enough to be an annoying issue.

A user will have a file open for potentially a couple hours, the users generally save changes as they go, like every 20 minutes or so. I have seen this happen with excel files and .psd files so far.

The user will go to save the file again, and receive an error message from Windows saying they do not have necessary access permissions, or another program is using the file. It says they can use the properties command in the Windows Explorer to unlock the file.

If they go in and edit the attributes to uncheck read-only, it will resolve the issue temporarily, but it will happen again, once it happens once with a file, it seems to happen again and again on that file.

Attached screenshot of one of the error messages 

Attached a screenshot of the properties of the file after the message appears. Notice the read-only box is checked.

We are running version 6.5.3 of Unraid. With Windows 10 computers having the issue only from what I have seen so far.

Any ideas on how to resolve this? All permissions are set with SMB properly. Only 3 of 10+ users have experienced this issue. So unsure what is causing it.

I did read the tool "Docker Safe New Perms" would go through and reassign ownership and permissions on files on the server, would this be the first step into resolving this issue? I am a little nervous about running the ""Docker Safe New Perms" I do not want to have to restore 1TB of files if this tool somehow creates issues further.

Read only issue.PNG

image (8).png

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