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question battlegrounds build for twins playing


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Before, sorry for my english language.

I will setup pc for playing battlegrounds on 2 vm 1 pc.

I think spec as follow.


cpu - ryzen 2600x or 2700x

mobo - x470

ram - 8x3 or 4

ssd - nvme 256 and ssd 256

psu - 750w gold

gpu - gtx1060 6g & gtx1060 3g


vm settings as follow.

cpu - 3core x2 or 4core x2

ram - 12 x2 or 16 x2

ssd - 256gb x2

gpu - gtx1060 6g, 3g


and then..

battlegrounds settings as follow.

medium or less.


I have questions..

how many fps battlegrounds on vm each other?

how many usage on cpu percentage on vm each other (for drop frame)?


ps. I used vm for playing overwatch and just websurfing on 2 vm 1 pc spec as follow.

cpu - intel g4560

ram - 8x2

ssd - ssd 128

psu - 400w bronze

gpu - gtx1060 6g & hd630

It's not bad but downgrade option of overwatch(is game).

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