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Docker "Network Type" of another container


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Would be great to be able to specify a different docker container for the "Network Type" natively, where a docker container is using:

--cap-add=NET_ADMIN --device /dev/net/tun



A use case for this is as follows:

I have a VPN Client Docker (dperson/openvpn-client) [called "vpn"] that's permanently connected to my VPN provider (PIA in my case)

I then have 2 dockers which tunnel their network through that container (jackett and qbittorrent)




At present I have come up with a bit of a hack after lots of messing around where I set the 2 dependent containers Network Types to "None", then add into "Extra Parameters":


Hopefully this could include a UI update that would use the containers name instead of the UID too




I know what I have done is probably massively hacky, but I couldn't get it to work how I desired any other way. I did not want the VPN at the server level, as that interferes with things like Plex remove services, etc. And hey, I'm a developer; sometimes the solution is just "I need to get this to work, It don't need to be pretty".

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