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2.5" drives

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What you guys think about using 2.5"  4tb drives with unraid. I just received 25 bay 2.5" hp server DL380 G8 I can get 96tb plus 1tb ssd cache Those 4tb 5400 drives have 128 mb cache https://www.costco.com/Seagate-Backup-Plus-4TB-Portable-Hard-Drive-with-Rescue-Data-Recovery-Services.product.100295697.html  https://mattgadient.com/2018/01/27/how-to-shuck-the-seagate-expansion-4tb-portable-stea4000400-and-why/

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Lots of enterprise servers use 2.5" drives.


I also use 2.5" drives in own machines - the media cost is higher/TB but dropping. And the 2.5" disks are less power-hungry.


One disadvantage is that there are still fewer 2.5" models to select from.

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