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Random server freezes


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This has only happened twice that I've noticed. My whole server will freeze. I check the motherboard logs and it's empty.

The only thing that is making me wonder is is it unraid that is freezing up or a VM that is locking up the whole system.

All smart reports come back good and I have a daily report sent to my email keeping an eye on that.


Has anyone had this issue?


I am using 6.5.3



*Edit - ran a memtest and it came back with no errors.

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I'm having same issue on 6.5.3. Twice now in the last month. I was away for the weekend and came back to the server being unresponsive. Just sitting at login prompt on local display. Attached keyboard is also unresponsive. Had to hard reset/reboot at which point everything comes back including keyboard. Parity checks runs of course. But this is a bit concerning as this server has been otherwise totally stable with no issues or memory problems. Checking log after reboot shows nothing except the log entries post reboot. Nothing before.

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