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Windows Network Question


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Why doesn't UnRaid show up under the Network Icon in Windows 10? Do I need to have a domain setup for this to work? I have my hosts file updated, I fixed the registry entry for unsecure guests and I turned on the CIFS Client in Windows. Under this PC, my PlexMedia server shows up, but not UnRaid.


The reason I ask is that I'm trying some new backup software, NovaBackup and it seems a little retarded when it comes to Network shares.  It does not recognize working network shares or mapped drives. I have been using ShadowProtect which has no issue with Unraid, but my license expired without warning and it silently stopped doing backups. NB got good reviews and costs much less than ShadowProtect, but if you can't get something as basic as network shares right. :-/ I did ask support BTW and got told to RTFM. Wait til I fill out their survey!



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Sounds like old software, if you are able to browse it from windows, but not that software, then the software was set to not allow a network share as a valid drive type...


Sometimes you and try the 

mklink /D

from Windows as a workaround for this, but if the software does not support it, for the most part you just want to get different software...

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