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  1. I'm getting Post Processing issues on most, but not all files. This all started with the Python 3 issue way back, which I resolved by updating the syntax in my scripts. This did not last, as I assume the scripts get replaced when the docker is updated? I fixed the scripts again, but I'm still getting Post Processing errors. My quick fix was to turn off the bad scripts in the file Post Processing window, but this does not work anymore. The PP error says that the Password Detector failed, but the script is not even enabled. The first file I changed processed OK, the rest did not. I restarted the
  2. Any chance you fixed the Python 3 issue? Since it's a GUI update, I assume not. Thanks for the update anyway.
  3. OK, I ran the PD code through a syntax checker and it found a couple of tabs it didn't like, so we're happily PPing again. 😁
  4. OK, I got Fake Detector working, but Password Detector is still returning an error. I found version 1.8 of FD, but could not get it working, so I ran it though a 2to3 converter. I also ran Password Detector through the 2to3 converter, but no joy on this one.
  5. No amount of permutations would let me start the array with the Parity disk unassigned. It kept telling me too many bad or missing disks. I also tried creating a new configuration, but this did not resolve anything. So I unassigned the disabled disk and started and stopped the array. It's currently rebuilding the disk, fortunately it's only 4TB. 😑 It would be nice if there was an easier process for this, but I get that it's to protect us from ourselves.
  6. One of my drives came up with a Red X when I was pre-clearing a new drive. I know what caused this, it was my bad. I read the Trust my Array note, but I obviously didn't understand something, as it says to clear the parity drive, stop the array and restart the array, but how can you clear the parity drive assignment when the array is running? So I ran a parity check which came up fine, but it did not clear the Red X. Any assistance appreciated.
  7. WCC4E3KLD62L failed the extended SMART test, fortunately the other drive passed. The array is happily rebuilding now (hopefully), as I already had a pre-cleared spare. I'm wondering if anyone schedules their SMART tests or do you just replace your disks on a schedule?
  8. Thanks, the one disk did show read errors before and then disappeared. I bought a replacement disk, but I did not know which disk had shown the read errors. I realize now that I could have looked at the Archive to see the errors.
  9. I'm doing my monthly parity check and two disks came up with read errors. The disks in question are WCC4E3KLD62L and WMC5D085LR2. The first disk has 123 read errors and the second disk has 1 read error. The first disk is complaining about READ DMA EXT, the second disk is complaining about READ FPDMA QUEUED, CHECK POWER MODE, CHECK POWER MODE, SMART READ ATTRIBUTE THRESHOLDS [OBS-4] and SMART READ DATA. Diagnostics
  10. Yah, that was the issue. They are free to pillage now. Thx
  11. I tried sharing my Plex Media Server, but my buddy is getting 'Server' not available. Yes, it is running. Any bright ideas? Thanks
  12. It was expecting \Server\Windows User in the name prompt, even though I told it to use the logged in user. This is also how SP is setup or it would not have occurred to me.
  13. Why doesn't UnRaid show up under the Network Icon in Windows 10? Do I need to have a domain setup for this to work? I have my hosts file updated, I fixed the registry entry for unsecure guests and I turned on the CIFS Client in Windows. Under this PC, my PlexMedia server shows up, but not UnRaid. The reason I ask is that I'm trying some new backup software, NovaBackup and it seems a little retarded when it comes to Network shares. It does not recognize working network shares or mapped drives. I have been using ShadowProtect which has no issue with Unraid, but my license expired wi
  14. I spoke too soon. The second drive has started throwing out SMART errors. That means 3 out of 5 drives brand new drives have failed. I originally sent WD an email about the two out of three original drives that failed and got back some sarcastic corporate H.S. expressing their concern. Do they not realize the representational risk this poses to their company. I think I'll just refund this drive until they figure their sh*t out.
  15. OK, the replacements arrived. The first one just finished Pre-clearing and the 2nd one is lagging behind. It always surprises me how much the Pre-clear times vary for identical drives on the same card and PC activity. I've seen a few of the threads about this and the basic conclusion seems to be don't worry, be happy. I still think these drives vibrate a lot, I guess it's the higher RPM.