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Slow Network Speeds

Zack Pollard

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So just setting up my third unRAID server and i'm having some very strange issues regarding network speed. Using a gigabit NIC which is displaying as gigabit in the panel and when testing on debian it can pull the full gigabit from two different file servers on the internet. However, when running inside unRAID, it only manages to pull 350Mbps from one file server, and 150Mbps from the other. I eventually put this down to an issue with the realtek drivers as apparently realtek has already been a bit of an oddball in unRAID, so I installed an intel NIC and have the exact same problem. I have no idea what is going on and am out of ideas. If anyone has any of their own ideas please let me know and I will try them. Similarly if you need any logs or diagnostic information tell me what to provide and I will.


Thanks for any help you guys can provide!

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On further investigation using iperf to measure the connection between this server and another one in a nearby datacentre, the server can pull the full gigabit speeds. Unsure if iperf might be multithreading the download which could help with that.

Also attaching diagnostics from just after running a wget of https://www.feral.io/test.bin which when booted into the debian recovery OS yields 110MB/s download, however only yields 14MB/s download on unRAID.


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So a further update on this, going to be submitting it as a bug report. It seems this may affect more people than just me, but they may not realise it. I've narrowed it down to only the latest version of unRAID causing this bug. There's a similar (although slightly different) issue over at coreos seen here https://github.com/coreos/bugs/issues/2457 when using the same kernel version as 6.4.3 uses. 6.4.2 does not have this bug so for now i'll be reverting back to that and submitting a bug report with all the information I have on this issue to the core team.

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