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Parity Drive Disabled After Power Failure


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks so much for your help trurl! One more question. I mistakenly assigned a slow 4tb laptop drive (2.5") as the parity drive when I configured the machine. I want to instead assign it to a new and faster 3.5" 4tb drive but I don't have physical room in my tower to add another drive. I do however have a lower capacity drive (2tb) that I would like to replace. Does this rebuild make sense?


I remove the failed 2.5" parity drive and let the system rebuild the drive on a new 3.5" drive (both at 4tb). After testing to see that the parity drive is rebuilt and stable I remove the smaller capacity array drive and let the system rebuild the array with a new 2.5" 4tb drive. Once the array is built I can mount both drives in the tower. Does anyone see any problems with my plan?


Thanks again for the help!

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