New Configuration Slow and Produces Network Errors (and Parity Check SLOWWWWWW)

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Hello. I thought I'd better start a new thread for my current issues of slowness on the server.


Transferring files go from right on par with what I'm used to, to snails pace, to totally stopped and network connection lost. And the GUI is sometimes perfectly responsive, and will sometimes spin for minutes and minutes and minutes.


Building Parity went well I think, and then I added a new disk after Parity was built. I believe that is when I started seeing issues. I JUST started a Parity check and this is what I've got so far...


Total size: 8 TB
Current position: 332.7 MB (0%)
Estimated speed: 594.42 KB/sec
Estimated finish: 223179 minutes
Sync errors corrected: 920


Any thoughts as to what may be going on or how to diagnose? or what I should do?


Thank you


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You probably should have done a parity check after having built the parity - just to make sure the machine can repeatedly build the same parity.


It doesn't look good that you have 920 sync errors after having processed only 333 MB.


First step when diagnosing is of course access to the diagnostics. What all logs are saying.

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