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Server Can No Longer Start Headless


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Since around the time I upgraded to 6.5.0 (currently on 6.5.3 and issue still persists) for some reason my server can no longer boot headless. If I don't have a monitor plugged into the HDMI at startup nothing seems to happen, the server never comes on and if I plug a monitor in it gets no input. But it I have a monitor plugged in from the time of bootup everything starts up and functions normally. I didn't change anything in the BIOS in this time and I've double checked that the boot order is correct. Any idea what could be going on here? It is quite the pain point with my set up having to hook up a monitor every time I want to restart the server.

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29 minutes ago, itimpi said:

No idea what is causing your problem but you could always get a HDMI monitor emulator plug to act as a workaround.


Omg I didn't know this was a thing haha. If no one else has anything to suggest as what could be causing this, I may just take this as a workaround as it looks like I can get one of these for like $12 on Amazon.

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It isn't uncommon that the BIOS has too advanced auto-detection code to try to figure out which graphics card and which connector of the graphics card that happens to have the monitor. And when no monitor is connected, the BIOS fails badly. Then the monitor emulator is good to have.


Remember that many graphics cards have internal support for multiple monitors, even when the manufacturer have only fitted a single monitor connector. So the BIOS can still see a need to try to auto-detect.

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