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Sophos XG VM fails to boot


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I have a Sophos XG VM on my current Unraid 6.5.1 (running on a Intel gen8 config). Now I'm moving it to a second unraid server (6.5.3, running on an Intel N3150).


On the second server, I can't have the VM booting. When creating a VM with OVMF, it goes straight the UEFI shell. Exiting the shell and selecting any boot device doesn't work.


When using seabios BIOS, it displays 'Booting from DVD/CD' but stays there forever. My first Unraid Sophos VM was using seabios but somehow I can't have it running on my second Unraid instance. Any idea why it won't boot ? I also tried sevel 'Machine' types (i440fx-xx and Q35-2.xx) but it didn't help.



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