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I apologise in advance for asking a question you probably get asked a bunch.


I currently use a QNAP, but I will shortly be joining the property ladder, and the QNAP will be staying with the parents as it is easy for them to use. I am looking to build my own as the ready done NAS units are quite expensive for the internal power they give you. 


I run Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, and Sabnzbd (and will be using unraid) . I also use Kodi, but this will be done on another device. However, I'd like the possibility of maybe using the media server as a plex server in the future (Not saying I will, but there is always a possibility)


I'd be happy with 4 bays, but the ability to have more would be fine.


This device will be on 24/7, so as lower power consumption as I can get the better.


What sort of components would I be looking to get? Would something like a cheap i3 be okay?


I'd love your opinions on a decent build - budget would be about £300 (without drives) but the cheaper the better :)


Thank you for your assitance.

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