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Server Parity Error


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Hey guys.

My server was acting really slowly a few days ago. I chose to run a parity check and selected the write to parity option. It took a few days and after the check it listed some 20k errors. I was in shock as my server normally never has any parity issues. I deselected the "write corrections to parity" option and ran the check again. When I got home today my server was frozen and the fans were on 100%. Ping nor SSH could reach the server. Monitor wasn't posting. So I pushed the power button and waiting for a good 20 min and it never rebooted. So I hard reset it. On boot, I got a notification that my array was good and there were 0 errors. However, my parity disk is somehow disabled. I've shut the server down and checked all the SATA cables, but non are loose or bad. I've since then rebooted and I am having the same issue. Any ideas on what it could be? The parity drive has only been powered on for about 1 year and it's never given me an issue. The s.m.a.r.t data says it's fine ( I know that isn't much to go off of ) So I don't know if this is a bug or maybe my parity really has bit the dust. let me know what you guys think. I have posted the most recent diagnostics.



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Why would you wipe it (whatever that means)? Rebuild is going to overwrite every bit of it.


To rebuild to the same disk (whether parity or data):


Stop array

Unassign disk

Start array with disk unassigned

Stop array

Reassign disk

Start array to rebuild


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