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Looking to build an UnRaid server to replace my aging current UnRaid server. I am currently running Plex, PlexPy(tatulli), PlexRequests, Sabnzbd, Radarr, CouchPotato, Sonarr, nextcloud, unifi, letsencrypt, 1 semi-busy ubuntu-server18 VM (1core/2gb ram). 

Current build - 
Fractal define R5
Corsair rm850x
plenty of fans
intel dq67sw mobo
intel i7-2600 (stock cooler)
crucial ddr3 16gb 4x4
LSI 9211-8i 
intel dual nic 82571
x5 seagate barracuda 3tb (data)
x1 500gb samsung ssd (cache)


I am wanting to build a new server on current gen equipment (8th gen intel), with the previous dockers and single ubuntu VM with the addition of a win10 vm for LIGHT gaming, currently have a similar build minus the drives in another machine with the exception of a gtx1060 which I am wanting to carry forward to the new build (selling old desktop and server). I am trying to keep the base build (minus drives) in the 650-750 price range. I plan to purchase one of the new drives in the initial purchase for parity and swap out drives in phases to mitigate the same batch of drives and also spread out cost. 


Plex transcodes 1 stream at a time to my mothers house other than that everything else in my house direct plays content just fine. Also I have a switch which has LACP capibilites to use the dual nics on the asrock board. 


If I am running my win10 vm, Ubuntu vm all on the cache drive, what kind of transfer speeds should I expect and or stuttering on the win10 vm? Basically can I play BF4/CS while transferring backup data to time machine for my wifes mac. Should I be running a seperate ssd for the VMs'? I will likely be sending transcode data to RAM instead of the ssd.


Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. 

New build - 

fractal node 304
corsair rm550x
asrock h370m-itx
intel i5-8600
coolermaster geminii m4
corsair ddr4 32gb 2x16
x4 6tb ironwolfs'
x2 500gb ssd (cache/vm)
evga gtx1060


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