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RAM or System Memory Allocation Controls


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I'd like to see the option in settings to adjust how the system memory gets allocated. Currently I do this with the mount -o remont,size= in the go script. I think having the ability to adjust how unraid assigns this would be great for power users. Maybe there is a plugin I haven't come across yet, but will add this request here in the mean time.



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6 hours ago, testdasi said:

What does that mount command do?

Generally speaking it allows you to adjust the allocations for your tmpfs. See: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Tmpfs


Specifically for me I adjust how much can be allocated to my /tmp and other locations. I believe the default is to only allow up to 50% for the /tmp directory. I have a lot of memory so I allocate much more to it. Here are my settings from my go


#resize some directories
mount -o remount,size=192G /
mount -o remount,size=6G /run
mount -o remount,size=6G /dev
mount -o remount,size=6G /sys/fs/cgroup
mount -o remount,size=384M /var/log

Someone else much more knowledgeable  with linux might be able to chime in and correct any mistakes in the post. I cobble my information together and not always perfectly ;)

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