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Docker network confusion with mulitple interfaces


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Hi all.


I'm in the process of testing out Unraid after having switched over from NAS4Free. My primary use case is Docker containers.


My Unraid server has 2 network adapters - one in the LAN (eth0) and one in a seperate network DMZ (eth1). My network is firewalled and routed using OPNSense and the network connectivity between the network adapters is fine.


I have both network adapters configured in Unraid with Static IP and Gateways defined, with bridging and bonding disabled.


I want to be able to set containers to use either of these networks. However, this is where I'm having problems. I can't seem to get the networks to appear in the Docker config. I see them both listed, but the DMZ network does not display a Gateway. When I try to create a container, I only see eth0 (LAN).


If I turn on bridging for both networks, I see br0 and br1 listed in the Docker config, but when I create a container, only br0 shows in the list, despute both br interfaces being ticked in the Docker settings.


Ultimately, I would like to be able to run containers on each of the host interfaces. If this means I can share the host addresses with containers, great, but if not I don't mind using individual addresses. The thought behind using the shared host addresses is that I use HAProxy to reverse proxy into all my services so accessing services would be a bit easier to configure by only having to remember a couple of IP addresses as opposed to one for each individual container.


Am I doing something wrong here or do others see similar behaviour?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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