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Unable to "see" VM from Windows machines.


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This is (at least as far as I'm concerned" a really odd one...


I have a VM on my Unraid 6.5.3 system which is running Ubuntu and I sue as my Mail Server. (I intend to move it over to Docker, but that's a project for another day).


Anyway, I am using a bridged network and I have a single subnet for my entire network.


I have a variety of other machines (physical) including a couple of Windows 10, an Ubuntu-based router/firewall and some iOS devices.


So, if I go to either my Unraid host machine, or my Ubuntu router, I can ping the VM in question (and vice-versa). From the Windows machines, I cannot (times out). Inbound e-mail gets delivered to the email server (via the firewall) and outbound e-mail gets sent. I can check my e-mail from my iPhone, but not from my windows desktop. 


On the Host, I keep getting the error "Tower kernel: br0: received packet on eth0 with own address as source address (addr:9c:8e:99:0b:e2:0a, vlan:0)" in syslog.


This is driving me completely insane! can anyone suggest what the issue might be or how to proceed with troubleshooting?


Oh, and just to further upset everything, this was all working fine and, as far as I'm aware, nothing has changed. It just stopped a little after midday, 9 days ago!






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