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System become laggy only after GPU Driver installed


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I met the same situation like this post.

[SOLVED]Very laggy PC with Graphics Driver installed After Unclean shutdown

VM will turn into Strange slow motion immediately after Graphics Driver start work cursor still flexible and accurate, My operation still gets a quick response but rest of system like being played at a slow speed,not simple delay.Only solution I know is disable GPU driver(Uninstall driver /disable GPU device),But it's  obviously not ideal for video games.

I tried format  disk, Create a VM from scratch again,reinstall unraid OS to make sure what cause it.VM works well only once in couple reboots,no lag or delay,But after I turned it off to verify,Results are same.

Please tell me some ideas or solution.Thanks for any help.

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Before we can help with this at all, we need to see your system diagnostics and your hardware configuration.  Some graphics cards work better with GPU pass through than others.  Generally speaking, modern NVIDIA cards work great (6-series and later, especially EVGA brand) and some AMD cards work, but the experience there is inconsistent at best.  Other things to try are to ensure you are isolating and pinning your CPUs (much easier to do in 6.6-rc series) to ensure they don't overlap with other system processes/server applications.

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