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Supermicro - X10SRA-F Build & Bios Updates


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Last Update 2018 Sep 26

First post = Compulsive Design

Second post = Supermicro Bios / IPMI firmware updates


Version 6.5.3

Original Build Jan 2015


System "Name" - tower

  • Case - fractal design define R3
  • CPU - E5-1650 v3
  • Motherboard- X10SRA-F 
  • RAM- Supermicro certified 32 GB Multi-bit ECC
  • PSU -  SeaSonic X Series X650 Gold
  • HBA / SAS Card - Not applicable - the board contains 10 sata
  • 1x 4 TB HGST RAID NAS 7200 rpm drive
  • 5x 4 TB ST4000DM000 transfered from 2013 machine
  • 1x 250 GB SSD PRO Cache/VM


Windows 10 VM 

  • GPU- Zotac 1080
  • GPU- Zotac 1060 3GB mini
  • PCIe ASM1142 USB 3.1  
  • PCIe ASM1062 Serial ATA for BD ODD   
  • 3 Core/6 threads, 8 GB ram, i440fx-2.11, OVMF 


Windows 7 VM 

  • GPU-VNC/qxl
  • 1 Core/2 threads, 4 GB ram, i440fx-2.11, SeaBios 



  • Crashplan PRO



  • preclear disks
  • user scripts
  • recycle bin
  • libvirt hotplug usb
  • fix common problems
  • dynamic cache dir
  • dynamix ssd trim
  • dynamix system temp
  • dynamix system info
  • dynamix file integrity
  • community apps
  • ca cleanup appdata
  • ca backup/restore
  • ca auto update
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2 different items may be flashed for this supermicro board

These must be flashed separately  

  • The Bios
  • The IPMI/Redfish.  


Note that the redfish version is always in sync with the latest IPMI firmware.

In other words, you only need to update the IPMI/Redfish when the IPMI version increments from your currently listed version.


You may view the current Bios reversion and the current IPMI revision via the IPMI web browser address. 


Method 1:

On 9/25/2018 at 9:06 AM, bonienl said:

I have the same motherboard and do BIOS upgrades by preparing a DOS boot disk (rufus) and copy the free flash utility and BIOS binary to the disk.  Granted it doesn't allow remote BIOS upgrades, but it does save to buy a license. [...] you'll need to boot from the DOS disk to do the flashing [which requires removing your unraid usb drive]


Method 2: Remote update via IPMI interface/web portal

OOB / Out of Band Firmware manage node license is required.  You need to obtain the BMC MAC address from the IPMI portal and reach out to an authorized vendor for this key.

I used https://www.wiredzone.com/supermicro-software-management-sft-oob-lic-10024441 which took about 3 days and $25 to obtain


Bios changelogs are generally not available on their website - however reaching out to technical support is usually responsive. 

For example 2.0a (6/23/2016)  to version R2.1 (3/29/2018)

1. The ETA of next official realesed BIOS which can patch the (spectre/meltdown) security issue will be the end of October [2018].  The below R 2.1 release note is for your reference.

1. [Enhancements] Update BIOS version to 2.1.

2. [Enhancements] Update MCU of Haswell-EP C-0/C-1/M-1, Haswell-E M-0/R-2 to 000003C and Broadwell-E/EP B-0/M-0/R-0 to 0B00002A.

3. [Fixes] Fix Product minor version display incorrect in FID table.

4. [Enhancements] Add "SMBIOS Preservation" Enabled/Disabled item  for flash recovery. (Refer to Purley)

5. [Enhancements] Add SUM Getsatainfo function.

6. [Enhancements] Reduce POST time.


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