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Disk disabled - rebuild failing

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I'm on 5.0.6, I do not use my server that actively and have not gotten around to upgrading to 6. It's been working fine with minimal effort for a couple years. I recently noticed it had been like a year since I had done a parity check, so I kicked one off the other day. I came back to check the status today and one of my disks was disabled. It was an older 1.5TB drive and I had a spare one sitting around, so I went ahead and swapped it out.


Since then, I've been trying to get it to rebuild onto the new disk, but 1) the write count on the new drive never increments even though the % complete on the rebuild keeps going up and 2) after a while other drives start showing a massive number of errors and if I try to look at their contents, those disks show up as empty. Stopping the array then shows those drives as disabled. A reboot seems to clear it back up and starts another rebuild. If I stop the array and remove the new disk from the array, then start the array, it is showing all of the files on that disk through emulation, so everything still seems intact at this point. I just do not understand what is causing the rebuild to fail. I guess it could be a failing SATA controller or a failing IcyDock or other hardware component, but I'm not sure the best way to track it down and I don't want to nuke multiple disks through repeated attempts.


Anyone have thoughts on the best way to approach this? TIA

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