Advice for validating new (used) MB and CPU

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I needed more drive slots so I bought a new case. I figured why not just upgrade my MB and CPU while I'm at it. I had a spare stuff lying around to make a second server so that is what I'm in the middle of ATM. I bought a used supermicro X10SAE motherboard and an e3-1226 v3 CPU for $141 total. I am reusing a functional PSU and RAM along with misc fans, etc. I want to stress my new hardware to make sure everything is functional. Based on my research my plan is to complete the following:


1) 24 hr memtest (currently underway)

2) 4 hr prime CPU stress

3) I have 2 x 8TB HDDs that are new and one old 2TB HDD I plan to install and run a series of simultaneous preclears on. I plan to move them around on the on-board SATA ports between passes.


Anything else I should do to make sure my new setup is good to go?

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