reiserfsck failed, disk unformatted

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My array has been kind of neglected for a while. Anyways (I apologize for the long story about the perfect storm) I have been ugprading some drives, trying to consolidate some stuff from old 1.5TB drives onto new drives to get rid of them. Along the way I found one drive that was basically dead. I was able to get pretty much everything off of it onto another drive that had enough space, so it was still in the array while I finished consolidating the other drives, but it was empty.


Then I find another drive that is failing. Not as bad as the first, but a full 3TB drive that I do not have enough free room to move onto other drives. So I ordered a new 4TB drive and put it in to rebuild and expand the file system. Unfortunately the pretty much dead 1.5TB drive still in the array has all sorts of read errors while rebuilding. I do a check on the new drive and sure enough, even though UNRAID says it is full, Windows shows it only has 250GB of files and a spot check shows a lot of empty directories and corrupted files.


Knowing my array is pretty much bust with the multiple failed drives, I go ahead and nuke it and start up a new array with no parity, pulling all the old 1.5TB drives, just so I can access the new drive. I also put in the 3TB drive that was failing. I run reiserfsck --rebuild_tree /dev/md2 (in maintenance mode) on the new drive and it is slowly churning away, finding problems. Realizing it will take all night, I start a second remote session and fire reiserfsck --rebuild-tree off against the 3TB failing drive too.


Then this morning I find out that FUCKING Windows decided last night would be a fine time to restart for an update (although I am continually trying to disable that crap), and it kills off both of my remote sessions and kills the reiserfscks mid-process. This morning after a server reboot, both of those drives are showing as unformatted.


Is there any hope to recovering anything off of those drives?

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First drive went well. It is missing a ton of files, but it is the new drive that was rebuilt. I'm starting the original drive now and hopefully am able to salvage additional files. It is all media backup so I can always re-rip, but it will be over 2TB of media if the old drive does not do any better, so quite a pain. Thanks for the tip.

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