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I've been having some issue with Unraid having high CPU usage.  I do not run any VMs, and only the Krusader docker image. The hardware is a Xeon L5520 single CPU with 6Gb of ECC unbuffered RAM. The Unraid server (version 6.6.6) has 9 drives in the array (2 parity), 1 x 240gb ssd cache, and 1 x 1TB 7200RM harddrive as an unassigned device.


I run all my VMs in a separate ESXi server connected directly with 10Gb ethernet connection directly.  Deluge runs in a VM in this ESXi server and connects using NFS. Deluge is configured to use a folder on and unassigned drive so that downloading does not require real time parity calculation. I do really prefer using separate NAS and applications servers to separate function within my network. The ESXi server also runs my Plex server.


My CPU seems to often have high usage, and deluge often errors on large downloaded files. I've linked a video which shows average cpu usage that I've seen over the last few months. I'd be willing to purchase an upgraded cpu if i though it would help (ie xeon x5680), but I'd like to make sure it would actually help my use case.




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