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is x299 mini itx sutable for unraid?

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hi there this will be my 3rd x299 mini itx motherboard i will be buying as the last 2 have had to be replaced.

the 1st 1 died on me as it completely stopped working. ok fair enough i sent it back to amazon.

the 2nd 1 worked ok but a few issues arouse. 1st of passing though usb 3 ports on the back broke unraid when trying to boot. i could pass though the usb 3.1 controller no problem just the 4 usb 3 ports on the back made it stop working. then the next issue is if i removed the m.2 adapter thats in front of the io with a m.2 plugged in. with a m.2 drive attached bellow, the it stops working. the usb 3 and the Ethernet ports dont work. so im not sure weather to abandon my build completely and sell my other parts the go with a shoebox micro atx case with disc drive so i could a threadripper build or quite what? im not sure if its a uraid problem, a bios bug (bearing in mind i did update the bios to the latest version) or just simply not for me considering i have brought unraid basic?

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