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DuleguVPN Webui not working but still downloading

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So I have what I think is a strange issue. But I am no expert so its probably something stupid.


I have both Binhex-DelugeVPN and Binhex-SABNZBDVPN. They are both setup with PIA and i have only the CA_Toronto ovpn file in the config folder. Logs show that both are connecting to PIA just fine.


The issue is I cannot access the UI as long as I have the VPN enabled. But the strange part is I also have Sonarr and Radarr running on the same server and they seem to have no issues sending downloads to and pulling downloads from either Deluge or Sabnzbd while the VPN is enabled.


My understanding is they also use the WebUI to do these actions so I guess I am not understanding how they are accessing everything fine but I cannot from my PC. If anyone can point me in the right direction to look I would appreciate it.

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So I made a Ubuntu VM now and from there I was able to open the webui. I guess this could just be the workaround I use but it would be nice to know why i cannot access the webui from another PC on my local network. Strange.

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